Studio A – Control Room

Studio A features a remarkable gear collection born of Dave Hale’s 20+ years of dedicated research and work, including preamps, equalizers, and compressors from API, Manley, Neve, Avalon, Urei, Great River, Empirical Labs, and many more.

For artists looking for even more old-school analog goodness, our 2” 24-track Otari and 1” 2-track Studer tape decks are well-maintained and ready to rock.  At the heart of the beast is our 24 channel API summing mixer with master channel buss compressor, and 24 channels of Mytek AD/DA conversion for digital projects.  Combined with ADAM S3A monitors, every aspect of our audio chain maintains the high fidelity needed to capture the music you create in its best form.

Studio A - Live Room

Studio A - Iso Room 

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