Why "fix it in the mix" when you can get it right in the tracking?

Just like the best meals start with the best ingredients, an album's quality begins with the performances and raw sounds captured in the tracking phase. With our live room giving your drums the depth they need, our stockpile of high-end microphones and preamps, vintage and modern bass and guitar amps, and our high-fidelity analog and digital capture mediums, Signaturetone starts your project off right.

Just as importantly, our in-house producer/engineers help bands pull off performances that you just can't fake later on. A tuned set of ears behind the gear means you can trust us to hear when things can be better and, more crucially, when they're going well. A deep knowledge of music theory, genres and styles, and the nuts and bolts of what makes a record sound great is indispensable at the start of a project, regardless if it's a 2-track demo or a major label release.

A project can only reach its full potential when it begins with hi-fi tracks of stellar playing. Let Signaturetone give you a head start on a great album by tracking it with energy, style, and passion.

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