Bringing It All Together

A great mix is as much an artistic endeavor as writing a song. It has to live and breathe with the music, complementing it and adding to the emotion and depth. Simply put, mixing is the combination of technical and creative skills used to make Records instead of recordings.

On the technical side, we organize and edit tracks, polish performances, and streamline the project. This is more important than many people realize, especially on mix projects tracked outside of Signaturetone. An unorganized project with performances in need of some love is tricky to work with and not ready to be brought to the next stage, so we ensure the basic elements are squared away before moving on.

The creative side is, of course, where the magic really begins to happen. Using our powerful selection of analog outboard gear and digital wizardry, we take the raw tracks and twist, shine, smash, and smooth them into whatever sonic fantasies you can dream up. If desired, our producers/engineers can put their own mark on your material - if you like what you've heard from us, ask us how we can put our studio and musical experience to help you create the art you’re here to make.

If you’ve tracked material elsewhere, Signaturetone is ready to mix it for you - it's a huge bang for your buck as far as the quality and life we can add. We encourage bands to use our studio for tracking as well as mixing to ensure maximum quality of performance and sound, but we love helping bands shine up home or outside-studio recorded music as well.

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