The Dark Art of Final Perfection

After a mix is complete, where to go from there? Mastering, the final sweetening and organization of mixed songs, can be done to either stereo files or stems. Stereo mastering involves us processing a 2-track mix with our extremely high-end equalizers, compressors, and other audio processing tools to give it any final audio glue it needs (as well as fixing any errors from the mixing process, if possible). Alternatively, a stem master is where your mix engineer delivers us stereo tracks of the drums, guitars, bass, and vocals and we "final mix" them together into the stereo master. This allows more control to fix and polish elements of an album, as well as more chances to get our sweet analog love into the nooks and crannies of your music.

When something is lacking in the final mix and there's no going back to change it, mastering can be a lifesaver. Both a tool for fixing problems and adding the last creative touches, Signaturetone's ears and gear can tweak your tunes to the last few steps to that elusive "finished record" to sound. If you've heard material we've mastered and you like it, ask how we can do it for you!

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