Mic Preamps, EQs, and Compressors

An ever-changing variety of gear has come through Signaturetone throughout the years. From the start, our thought has been you can never go overboard on outboard gear, and it shows! Each piece adds to our sonic palette, giving us a range of sound capture capabilities not available to most smaller studios (and even some of the larger ones).

Here’s the current list of vintage and modern gear ready and waiting to infuse your next project with a special magic that comes only from a quality analog signal chain:


API 3124+ (4 ch)
API 225L (4)
DW Fearn VT-2 (2 ch)
Focusrite ISA 215 (2 ch)
Giltronics AT356 (2 ch)
Great River ME2-NV
Manley Dual Mono (2 ch tube)
Neve 1272 (2)
Pendulum MDP-1 (2 ch tube)
Requisite PAL+ (2 ch tube / limiter)
Tube Tech MP1A (2 ch tube)


API 2500
DBX 160 VU (2 ch)
Emperical Labs Distressor Brit Mod (2 ch)
Emperical Labs Fatso (2 ch)
Federal Limiter (tube)
Inward Connections Vac Rac (2 ch tube limiter)
Manley Vari-Mu (2 ch tube limiter)
Requisite L2M (2 ch tube compressor / expander)
Urei 1176
Urei 1178 (2 ch)


API 550 Vintage 1970's (2 ch)
API 550A Vintage 1970's (3 ch)
API 560 graphic eq (2 ch)
Empirical Labs Lil Freq
Dangerous BAX Eq
Fearn VT-7 (2 ch tube)
Great River EQ2-NV (2 ch)


Bricasti M7 modern digital reverb
Crane Song HEDD 192 tape emulator
Eventide 2016 modern digital reverb
Roland Chorus Echo tape delay/spring verb

Recording formats

Mytek 192 ADDA - 24 channels
Otari 2" 24 track tape machine
Studer 1" 2 track tape machine
REAPER running lots of fun plugins

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