Instruments and Toys


Ampeg B15N Head
Ampeg V4 100watt
Engl Powerball
Fender Bassman
Fender Deluxe Reverb 1x12
Fender Princeton 1966 Blackface 1x12 Combo
Fender Showman Blackface
Fender Super Reverb 1964 Blackface 4x10 Combo
Legend Super Lead 100w (weird!)
Marshall JMP 50 MKII 1979 Head
Marshall JMP 100 Super Lead 1974 Head
Matchless Lightning 15watt
Mesa Dual Rectifier 2 channel
Mesa Mark V 10/45/90watt switchable
Peavey 5150 2x12 Combo
Soldano SLO-100watt
Univox 1011 100watt

Guitar Cabs

Bogner Ubercab 4x12 2 v30s 2 gt-77
Fender Bassman 2x12
Fuchs 2x12
Legend 4x12 with Crazy Aluminum Coned I Have No Ideas
Marshall 1960s 4xs12 blackbacks
Matchless 2x12
Soldano 4x12 v30s

Bass Cabs

Bergantino 6x10
Epifani 2x10
Mesa 1x15
Yorkville 1x15


Akai Headrush
Boss DS1 w/Keeley Seeing Eye mod
Digitech Whammy
DOD Bass Comp
DOD Preamp Overdrive 250
DOD Super Distortion
Dunlop Fuzzface
Dunlop Rotosphere chorus/leslie
Dunlop Wah
Earthbound Audio Iron Pig
EH Big Muff
EH Double Muff
EH Qtron Envelope Filter
Emma ReezaFRATzitz
Fulltone Bassdrive 2 w/Loudbutton mods
Fuzzrocious Ram The Manparts
Loudbutton Bongwater Fuzz
Malekko B:Assmaster Envelope Fuzz
SansAmp Bass Driver DI
TC Jaurnig Gristle King OD
Way Huge Swollen Pickle


Baldwin 1915 upright piano
Fender J bass active
Fender Stratocaster with Noiseless p/ups
G&L SB-1 P bass
Gibson G3 bass
Gibson Gothic SG guitar
Roland JX3P v80s vintage polyphonic synth
Samick P/J with EMG active p/ups
Univox/Korg 70s vintage monosynth
Yamaha Telecaster with humbucking bridge p/up

Large and rotating selection of drums and cymbals - ask what's currently in!

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